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We have a huge range of new and excellent quality used parts in stock and are continuing to develop new products as components become unavailable from Citroen.


As well as a comprehensive spares catalogue, the Chevronic Centre also offer a complete range of services for GS and GSA owners, including welding and body restoration, engine rebuilding, interior re-trimming etc.

The future of the Citroen GS and GSA Series is assured

A personal note from Rob Moss Director of The Chevronic Centre:

"Despite being one of the most influential and imitated cars of the last 50 years, the magnificent Citroen GS and GSA have continued to disappear from our roads. The technology behind the G Series, still in advance of many cars in it's class today, made it a superlative drive in its day, and make it a 'No Compromise Classic' today.

Up until about 1995 Citroen stocked a good supply of parts for the GS and GSA cars but now the supply from the manufacturer has declined to almost nothing.

I recognized the significance of these revolutionary vehicles, so I have sought to provide a complete backup service for Citroen GS and GSA owners.

I have been in lots of meetings with companies who wish to help in the remanufacture of GS GSA parts. It has been good to learn from these companies the extent of their remanufacturing capabilities and with their support we can extend our product range of GSA and GS parts to secure the future.

Now the Chevronic Centre is the sole supplier of many Citroen GS GSA range parts and spares. We have sourced new and used parts wherever we could - we were able to purchase most of the Final GS and GSA parts from Citroen France. We now manufacture many parts that are otherwise unavailable.

Citroen GS and GSA parts at The Chevronic Centre is a growing area of the company, many GS and GSA owners are now reliant on us for GS and GSA spares.

I would just like to thank all our loyal GSA and GS spare parts customers as without your support I would not be able to continue investing in manufacturing more and more otherwise unavailable parts to keep the much loved classic GS and GSA cars on the road.”

The future of the Citroen GS and GSA Series is assured

We have made significant progress in our quest to save the G Series from extinction and look forward to wider recognition of the significance of these amazing cars in motoring history.

Much of the profit from part sales goes back into reproduction of new items, we will always try and improve on availability of items.

If you are planning an order and you are not in the UK, why not ask your friends if they need anything for their GS/A.  We may just have what they have been looking for.

You are always welcome to email us with your parts order or request.

Emails are normally replied to within 48 hours, but please only email us if you genuinely require items as we deal with a huge number of emails each day.

If you need Citroen GS or GSA parts please give me a ring

Rob Moss

Independent Citroen and Peugeot Specialists based in Hitchin, covering Hertfordshire (Herts), Bedfordshire (Beds).